Gone viral

What makes a video go viral? As you might have guessed, there is no easy answer or set formula. Some videos are just down right crazy or extremely sexy or stupid or sooo OTT it makes you laugh, cry or simply cringe. But whatever affect it has on you, it makes you want to say to your friends, “You gotta see this”.

One success story, not expected to “go viral”, is “Guy Walks Across America”, created by filmmakers Peter Cote and Blake Heal for Levi’s. The video is both original and innovative, a combination of stop-motion and time-lapse shot on a Canon 5D Mkll with no effects whatsoever, which begs the question, “How did they do it?”

The video got hits in the millions.

This is how they shot it…

The Top 10 Viral Video Ads.

And here is an example from my neck of the woods that has gone viral in Hong Kong. “Fresh Air”, a mock informercial starring Daniel Wu for CAN, Hong Kong’s Clean Air Network.