Vimeo Film Festival redux

For those filmmakers interested in the HDDSLR revolution and the future of digital cinema the place to to have been last October was NYC for the first Vimeo Film Festival, which showcased the best creative and original work shown online.

The two-day event not only featured the works of many talented filmmakers, but also included workshops, talks and special events as well as a high profile awards ceremony.

In case you missed it or would like to reengage online with some of the events and workshops this is the link: Vimeo Festival+Awards.

Of course, no event showcasing HDDSLR filmmakers would be complete without the two filmmaking guru’s that have been driving the HDDSLR revolution, Vincent Laforet and Philip Bloom.

Here is a discussion with Vincent Laforet and Philip Bloom about the future of HDDSLR filmmaking chaired by filmmaker and camera expert, David Leitner.