The Internet is awash with websites dedicated to Tech; camera gear, gear to make a movie and software to edit your footage and, the sites that show you how to use all these tools. All well and good and my blog posts play a small part in all of this. These websites are needed to get you going and to hone your craft. But there are few websites that deal exclusively with storytelling, until now…

Two prominent figures in the media industry have launched a website dedicated to just that, storytelling. They are Larry Jordon a producer/director with over 35 years experience in the industry and a member of both the Directors and Producers Guild of America and Norman Hollyn a master editor who has edited films such as Coppola’s ‘Cotton Club’ and Oliver Stone’s ‘Wild Palms’ and is now a professor at the University of Southern California¬ís School of Cinematic Arts teaching editing through the art of storytelling. Both are authors and trainers and Norman is a prolific writer of articles about editing. Their website is 2 Reel Guys and is a must got to if you want to understand how to tell stories.

In this video Norman Hollyn and Larry Jordan discuss storytelling and its importance in the editing process, which applies whether you are cutting a movie a TVC or a Corporate Video.