Short film with product placement or TV Commercial?

Who said we avoid watching TV Commercials? Johnnie Walker Blue Label TVC has had over 9 million views in one month since it was published on Youtube July 29th 2014!


TV Commercials have been taking the narrative route for a long time ever since the Nescafe commercials in the 1980’s when boy meets girl looking for some milk from his neighbour and eventually, after several episodes later, they get together over a cup of Nescafe coffee in her apartment.

Hard sell is out and subtly is in or so it would seem by the latest offerings from some big brands. For some time now, the so called aspirational brands, especial those that play on our emotions, have been spending big budgets on weaving a story round their product in the hope that we will identify with the characters in that story and buy their products or at least talk about the commercial with their friends on social media.

The advertising industry and their top clients have not been shy in using many well known actors and movie directors such as Jude Law and Guy Richie to tell a tale that is both entertaining and subtle selling. Expect more of this type of advertising in the future.

photo credit: static416 via photopin cc