Short film with prod­uct place­ment or TV Com­mer­cial?

Who said we avoid watch­ing TV Com­mer­cials? John­nie Walk­er Blue Label TVC has had over 9 mil­lion views in one month since it was pub­lished on Youtube July 29th 2014!
TV Com­mer­cials have been tak­ing the nar­ra­tive route for a long time ever since the Nescafe com­mer­cials in the 1980’s when boy meets girl look­ing for some milk from his neigh­bour and even­tu­al­ly, after sev­er­al episodes lat­er, they get togeth­er over a cup of Nescafe cof­fee in her apart­ment. Hard sell is out and sub­tly is in or so it would seem by the lat­est offer­ings from some big brands. For some time now, the so called aspi­ra­tional brands, espe­cial those that play on our emo­tions, have been spend­ing big bud­gets on weav­ing a sto­ry round their prod­uct in the hope that we will iden­ti­fy with the char­ac­ters in that sto­ry and buy their prod­ucts or at least talk about the com­mer­cial with their friends on social media. The adver­tis­ing indus­try and their top clients have not been shy in using many well known actors and movie direc­tors such as Jude Law and Guy Richie to tell a tale that is both enter­tain­ing and sub­tle sell­ing. Expect more of this type of adver­tis­ing in the future. pho­to cred­it: static416 via pho­topin cc