Roman Polanski Shoots Prada

Roman Polanski has shot a short film, ‘A Therapy’, for Prada fashion, which was first showcased at the Cannes Film Festival 2012. This short stars two well know British actors, Helena Bonham Carter and Ben Kingsley together with some of Polanski’s favourite crew members including Oscar-winning screenwriter Ronald Harwood who was the screenwriter on Polanski’s film ‘The Pianist’, and Eduardo Serra, the DOP on the Harry Potter series.

The film is set in a psychiatrist’s office with Ben Kingsley playing the psychiatrist and Bonham Carter his patient who is dressed head-to-toe in Prada.

Prada gave Polanski a free rein to shoot what he wanted and to his credit he avoided making the film look like a commercial, instead, it is a short with product placement, not so obvious until Bonham Carter removes one of her shoes to lay on the psychiatrist’s chaise longue and in doing so reveals the Prada label inside her shoe.

Polanski’s direction is solid but pedestrian and the acting is somewhat tongue in cheek. However, it does ooze plenty of style and finishes on a magnificent Prada coat worn by Bonham Carter that Ben Kingsley can’t keep his hands off.