Record­ing qual­i­ty sound on your iPhone 

The prob­lem of record­ing good qual­i­ty sound always pops up when you are shoot­ing with con­sumer HD cam­eras, includ­ing top end HD DSLR’s. How­ev­er, because these cam­eras have been around a while many solu­tions to this prob­lem are avail­able, see my ear­li­er blog on Shoot­ing HD video on your HD DSLR. But what if you are shoot­ing a movie or an inter­view on your new­ly mint­ed iPhone and you need pro qual­i­ty sound? The iPhone’s inter­nal mic just won’t cut it, so how do you record great sound on this lit­tle won­der? The answer to this is sim­ple; you could use the same solu­tion that is avail­able for HD cam­eras or sim­ply hook up your own exter­nal XLR micro­phone to your iPhone using the right adap­tor cable for the job. Need the right adap­tor? Look no fur­ther than There are oth­er adap­tors on the mar­ket, but I have been told this one works!