Forgotten images come to life

The remarkable story of an unknown street photographer is at last developing into an amazing picture for the world to see thanks to a lucky find by John Maloof who, while researching photographs for an up and coming book on the history of the Portage Park neighbourhood in Chicago, bought at auction a box of old photo negatives.

What he found when he opened the box was 30,000 film negatives taken in the streets of Chicago during the 1950’s and ’60’s and from around the world. This discovery set Maloof off on a journey to hunt for the photographer. Amongst many boxes of photos he later acquired he found the name Vivian Maier. Now her story can be told.

With a Rolleiflex camera strapped round her neck Vivian Maier would traipse the streets of Chicago until late at night capturing compelling images of Chicago street life.

Now a Kickstarter documentary is in the making which will reveal the fascinating story of the person behind every image she took.

The Chicago Tonight programme takes up the story…