Panasonic gets the HD DSLR community excited

Since its announcement at NAB 2010 this month photographers and video filmmakers have been blogging about the Panasonic AG AF-100 4/3” video camcorder.

What is getting them all excited is this camera will allow interchangeable lenses of all kinds including still lenses from Canon, Nikon and Olympus as well as DSLR lenses. Also, Arri PL mount lenses with an adaptor.

The new video camcorder is using the recently developed Micro Four Thirds system and the same sensor in the highly popular Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 2009. This sensor has been optimised for high definition recording and extends the aspect ratio capabilities to native 16:9 and 3:2 image formats similar to 35mm cameras. This sensor will also deliver a shallower depth of field (The Holy Grail for most video camcorders) and a wider field of view of a larger imager setting a new benchmark for digital cinematography.

Interview with Panasonic’s Jan Crittenden at NAB 2010 about the new AG- AF100 4/3” Camcorder which is scheduled to ship at the end of 2010.

And this is what one blogger had to say about Panasonic’s announcement…