Madonna wants to start a revolution

All you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun.” Jean-Luc Godard

Madonna pushes the artistic boundaries again with Secretprojectrevolution, a short film she has made with New York fashion photographer Steven Klien.

The film is highly stylized and very cinematic, meticulously staged and artistically directed by Klien and rendered in dynamic black and white. The DP was David Devlin and the lighting design by B2Pro.

It starts with a striking tableaux featuring Madonna’s recent tour dancers and comes to life as Madonna moves amongst the dancers symbolically shooting each one of them with her handgun.

Klien fuses together fashion and celebrity beautifully with sexual overtones all Madonna fanes will be familiar with. The film is fragmented and very much in the vein of performance art with Madonna and Klien pushing it to the limits to get their message across.

Madonna’s voice over includes speeches from her recent tour. The theme is human rights violations and intolerance, which is depicted in the violent scenes of prisoners being tortured and Madonna herself being ill-treated at the hands of New York cops and reminiscent of Weegee’s photographs circa 1930.

Following this film VICE Media and Madonna have launched Art For Freedom to bring awareness to human rights violations and to champion free speech everywhere. They have set-up a monthly competition and they invite everyone to join the revolution by submitting their own art which will be entered in a monthly competition that will run for a year. A submission that inspires them both will be chosen each month and a $10,000 donation will be made to the winners preferred non-profit organisation.

The first winner has already been announced. He is Lesmack Meza Parente from Mexico and this is his film El Gran Dictador.