Low budget, no budget movie

You’ve got the idea, the enthusiasm, the will and the energy and the urge to get started, but for a no budget filmmaker it is important to get the right things in focus before you call “action”.

Gadget freaks, for example, will worry about getting the right camera or this and that piece of equipment, but even if you do get that RED camera it will only make your movie look good, it won’t affect how good it will be! Therefore, before you rush off to make your no budget movie it is worth thinking very carefully how you are going to pull it off and don’t kid yourself, you will need to spend some money, even if it is only to pay for your crews lunch!

Believe it or not, there is a No Budget Film School and yes, it is in Hollywood! Abe Schwartz, a writer and producer, writes in the Huffington Post that he attended day one of the school at Rayliegh Studios in Hollywood and here he shares his list of the do’s and don’ts of no budget filmmaking.