Whatever happened to the humble HD DSLR?

Those of you who have visited Vincent Laforet’s website know that he is doing a great job these days, despite his busy shooting schedules, of sharing his knowledge and experience on different types of HD DSLR cameras and support equipment and accessories.

Vincent is regarded as one of the first photographers to set in motion a new camera revolution with his short film ‘Reverie’ shot entirely on the HD capable Canon 5D Markll. That was back at the end of 2008. Today, this revolution has spread throughout the entire film industry and HD DSLR’s and the equipment that has evolved with them are appearing on many shoots. Ironically, the humble HD DSLR is starting to look like a conventional film camera with many accessories attached to it, needed for high-end shooting, such as follow focus, matt box, filters, monitors etc.

Watch this video of Vincent showing the camera gear he took to Italy to shoot a TV pilot and you will see what I mean. Then visit Vincent’s website for his take on all the gear he uses on his shoots.