HD DSLR’s – Looking back 3 years on

Over the last 3 years the HD DSLR revolution has been followed by thousands of devotees who have seen the rapid transition of a humble stills camera with HD capabilities, used by thousands of amateur filmmakers and now embraced by some of Hollywood’s finest, come of age and stand shoulder to shoulder with top-end digital Cinematography cameras.

The HD DSLR revolution is far from over but the cameras are now entering the main stream of big productions with higher specs and prices to match.

Often through the eyes of its leaders Vincent Laforet and Philip Bloom, we have followed the ups and downs of this remarkable technology starting with that breakout short ‘Reverie’ shot by Vincent Laforet with a prototype model of the Canon 5D MKll, through to Vincent’s latest fictional short film ‘Mobius’ shot on the new Canon C300.

Phil Holland, an experienced cinematographer who has used HD DSLR’s extensively throughout his career now gives his perspective on these cameras three years on. Primarily a Canon shooter, he has shot everything from live events to movies with these versatile cameras. Read about his experiences here.