HD DSLR Cinema Online

Here is the schedule of the 3-day introduction to HD DSLR Cinema starting April 30 2010.

If you are new to filmmaking then you will find these courses useful as they promise to guide you through the process of getting your project up-and-running and show you the skills required to realise your vision.

The courses will kick-off with the difference between shooting stills and video, the crew involved and working practices.

Everything from equipment and workflow to audio and post-production will be covered with the exception of lighting, which due to its complexity and time/gear constraints will have the least amount of time spent on during the workshop.

There will be an emphasis on the gear, showing you what equipment is best to accomplish the shots you need to tell your story. A whole section will be dedicated to HD DSLR’s, the challenges they present and practical issues, such as, how to set them up for best results. Also, comparing them with video camcorders and the RED Cameras.

Other video gear will be discussed, in fact, everything from fluid heads to LCD monitors, including ND filters, lenses, grip equipment and much more.

Don’t worry, it won’t all be talk. You will see practical demonstrations of this gear and those that attend the course in person will get to use the equipment to shoot their first short film.

The 3-day event, although ambitious, promises to give you a good grounding in what it takes to shoot your first narrative piece.