HD DSLR revolution gains momentum

More and more video and film professionals are using video-capable DSLR’s for their productions and not just short films and pop promos. FOX broadcasting recently announced that its medical drama series ‘House’ shot the season finale entirely with the Canon 5D Mark ll.

There are a number of reasons, apart from affordability, why filmmakers of all sorts are starting to use these cameras, especially the Canon 5D Mark ll. One is form factor. They are small and light, which enables them to be used in tight spaces and handled with ease unlike heavy 35mm movie cameras. Others are the ability to shoot 24p, high ISO and use all types of photographic lenses, which give a shallow depth of field and ‘richer look’.

‘The Last 3 Minutes’ is a superb example of the capabilities and creative possibilities of these cameras.

The Making of “The Last 3 Minutes”