Truth about fast lenses

Everyone in the HDDSLR community is talking about depth of field (DOF) and lots of people are recommending fast lenses (i.e. small F stops e.g. 1.4).

Newcomers get excited every time DOF is mentioned. Few stop to think exactly what DOF really means. Used properly in storytelling such as dramas, it can have great impact. For example, to separate one character from others, so the focus is on that person and not elsewhere in the frame.

Remember DOF, which can be either shallow focus or deep focus, is just one of the tools in your arsenal that you can use to tell your story.

Here is a simple to understand article on DOF written by a HDDSLR shooter who has learned from his mistakes and is a reminder to us all not to over use this method to enhance our shots. Also, read the comments, there are some very good tips on focus mentioned in the discussion.