Get the ‘film look’ Picture profiles explained

When you shoot with Canon HD DSLR’S you will no doubt spend a lot of time in post editing your masterpiece and trying to get that cinematic look. Fortunately, there are plug-ins on the market, such as Magic Bullet Colorista, that will give you that ‘film look.’ However, there is another way to get your movie looking like a Hollywood blockbuster and that is by using picture profiles. Not the ready-made ones out of the camera, but custom picture profiles.

I came across this amusing tutorial, with good video examples, on how to add custom picture profiles which give you much more flexibility than you would normally have by increasing the dynamic range of the Canon 5D Mkll/7D.

I prefer to shoot clean in order to avoid too much processing in post, but when it comes to shooting video on HD DSLR cameras, you are going to do a lot of tweaking in post to get the look you want, as the footage that comes out of these cameras is highly compressed.

If you want that ‘film look,’ you must shoot flat. Custom picture styles show you how to do this and produce very flat, high dynamic range footage, which will allow you to get more detail in the shadows without blowing-out the highlights and produce the colour you want.