Who says size doesn’t matter?

This year has seen some amazing camera gear coming onto the market. At the top end we have had the Epic from RED with their 5K wonder that will fit into the hand and capture still frames on the run, and recently from ARRI, the ALEXA digital film camera. The entry-level price point for these cameras is US$45,000 for the ARRI and US$30,000 for the Epic without lenses.

Unless you are shooting a feature film destined for a theatrical release you won’t need the incredible image quality that these cameras will give you.

Most people in the film community have been saying that HD DSLR cameras are a game changer and by all accounts that seems to be the case with many cinematographers including them in their arsenal of camera gear.

At the other end of the camera spectrum is small consumer point-and-shoot HD cameras. All these cameras have one thing in common; you need to connect to a computer to edit the footage.

Well, that is about to change. Say hello to the Apple iPhone 4 with HD video at full 720p. Weighing in at a mere 4.8 ounces with a starting price of around US$199, this little gem may just change the movie landscape once again, not the big screen perhaps, but the small screen. Okay, I know it doesn’t have interchangeable lenses or a shallow depth of field, but what it does have is the ability to shoot and edit with the iMovie app, on the go, without a computer and in your hand, and… it’s always in your pocket!

If you are shooting a short film on a very, very low budget and you intend to distribute it on the Internet, then it maybe the answer for you, with amazing quality for a 5mpx camera phone (think larger pixel pitch verses the number of pixels).