Fashion videos : fashion tool or fashion fool?

For over twenty five years the format of the typical fashion show has been po-faced models relentlessly treading the catwalk to a music track with no interaction between the audience and the clothes. No wonder some fashion designers and executives are asking: Is it time for change?

Fashion has always been looking for new ways to excite and engage their audience and in the 1990’s great talents, such as John Galliano and the late Alexander McQueen, turned fashion into theatre with their unforgettable shows.

With most people connected to the virtual world, the fashion industry is now asking itself: Is a fashion show necessary when you have YouTube, websites such as and social media all showing fashion clips, some of which are going viral? However, lovers of fashion and vested interests within the industry are wondering if virtual shows, especially camera created visualisations, can replace live shows.

Freeing the viewer from the catwalk and getting them to find an emotional attachment with the clothes is the objective of some forward thinking fashion designers.

Already, some visually creative stuff is happening in the world of fashion video. This mesmerising piece is a collaboration between the English fashion designer Gareth Pugh and avant-garde artist Mathew Stone. It combines fashion, dance and visual affects set to a hypnotic sound track crafted by Mathew Stone.