Cin­e­matog­ra­phers angst

Cin­e­matog­ra­phers of old often talk about the mag­ic of light­ing for film before dig­i­tal dom­i­nat­ed the film set and mon­i­tors spoiled the fun. The role of the DP has changed con­sid­er­ably since dig­i­tal has dom­i­nat­ed the movie set. Revered less by one and all, the DP’s moment has come and gone. The dailies used to reveal the mag­ic the DP cre­at­ed on set, but not any­more. Stu­dio mon­i­tors have done away with dailies as every set-up can be seen and tweaked end­less­ly until the direc­tor is hap­py with the pic­ture and more can be done in post than was ever pos­si­ble before. Has this also altered crew dynam­ics on the set? Here is what two cin­e­matog­ra­phers have to say about their craft and how it has changed.