Cre­ative mad­ness

Cre­ativ­i­ty should nev­er be bor­ing. As a video­g­ra­ph­er or pho­tog­ra­ph­er nev­er be afraid to make cre­ative sug­ges­tions to your client. In a video clients may want to talk about their prod­uct or ser­vice and show every­thing includ­ing the kitchen sink — remem­ber the one-off Cor­po­rate video days? I know, those videos have their place, but occa­sion­al­ly pro­duc­ing a video that is an atten­tion grab­ber and not bor­ing is the way to go if your client agrees. Cre­ative agen­cies get paid a lot to come up with inno­v­a­tive ways to sell prod­ucts. Although, you are not a cre­ative agency, as a video­g­ra­ph­er or pho­tog­ra­ph­er you should be think­ing how best to show the prod­uct, after all, you are the one behind the cam­era. Tell your client a video should enter­tain more than inform as the prod­uct or ser­vice may already be famil­iar to most peo­ple and in any case, prod­uct or ser­vice infor­ma­tion can be read­i­ly gleaned from the Inter­net. You nev­er know, your client may take you up on it. For inspi­ra­tion, here is a video that cer­tain­ly enter­tains with a won­der­ful sur­prise end­ing. I doubt if your client would want to go this far but you get the idea.