Creative madness

Creativity should never be boring. As a videographer or photographer never be afraid to make creative suggestions to your client. In a video clients may want to talk about their product or service and show everything including the kitchen sink – remember the one-off Corporate video days? I know, those videos have their place, but occasionally producing a video that is an attention grabber and not boring is the way to go if your client agrees.

Creative agencies get paid a lot to come up with innovative ways to sell products. Although, you are not a creative agency, as a videographer or photographer you should be thinking how best to show the product, after all, you are the one behind the camera.

Tell your client a video should entertain more than inform as the product or service may already be familiar to most people and in any case, product or service information can be readily gleaned from the Internet. You never know, your client may take you up on it.

For inspiration, here is a video that certainly entertains with a wonderful surprise ending. I doubt if your client would want to go this far but you get the idea.