Lights, cam­era… Col­labra­Cam iPhone app

Here is a quick guide to shoot­ing a mul­ti-cam­era video on your iPhone! First, take four friends with iPhone’s and load each one with the Col­labra­Cam iPhone app from iTunes. Next make sure you are in a WiFi area. Choose who gets to play direc­tor and the other’s become cam­era oper­a­tors. Like a stu­dio direc­tor, you can view all the cam­era shots in neat lit­tle win­dows on your iPhone or cam­era enabled iPad. Choose and cue the shot you want to use next and even sug­gest shot adjust­ments to your cam­era oper­a­tors such as zoom, dol­ly, CU etc., then edit the shots in real time. Cred­its are added when the ses­sion is saved and bin­go… it’s time to export and call a wrap!