Carl Zeiss joins the HD DSLR par­ty

Carl Zeiss has been quick to see the direc­tion HD DSLR film­mak­ing is head­ing and announced last week at the NAB show in Las Vegas a set of cine style lens­es designed specif­i­cal­ly for HD DSLR cam­eras. The Com­pact Prime CP.2 lens­es will fit direct­ly to HD DSLR’s with­out adapters, allow for extreme accu­ra­cy of focus and greater aper­ture con­trol and will also cov­er the full sen­sor area of cam­eras such as the Canon 5D Mark II. Richard Schle­un­ing from Zeiss talks to Cinema5D at NAB 2010 about the new line-up of cine style lens­es.