Canon EOS C300

Thanks to the huge suc­cess of HD DSLR’s with their shal­low DOF, flex­i­bil­i­ty, great form fac­tor and afford­abil­i­ty film­mak­ers across the globe have adopt­ed these cam­eras in their droves. As the end of the year approach­es all the focus seems to be on the launch of two new cam­eras. Wel­come the RED Scar­let-X and the Canon EOS C300. Both of these cam­eras will be com­pet­ing for the cin­e­ma industry’s atten­tion. The RED com­mu­ni­ty has been antic­i­pat­ing the Scar­let for some time and with its com­pet­i­tive price will no doubt fly off the shelves. With the glob­al film indus­try using HD DSLR cam­eras on major pro­duc­tions Canon has been keen to come-up with a cam­era that improves on their line of EOS DSLR’s and will appeal to the motion pic­ture and TV indus­try. For HD DSLR shoot­ers the Canon EOS C300 is a big step-up from the oth­er line of EOS cam­eras with its impres­sive fea­tures, new line of lens­es and big price tag. Now for the ques­tion that most of you are prob­a­bly ask­ing, is it worth the mon­ey? Well this wacky, humor­ous and infor­ma­tive video might help you make up your mind. For a full arti­cle on the Canon EOS C300 writ­ten by Jonathan Yi the film­mak­er who shot the video go here.