Canon EOS C300

Thanks to the huge success of HD DSLR’s with their shallow DOF, flexibility, great form factor and affordability filmmakers across the globe have adopted these cameras in their droves. As the end of the year approaches all the focus seems to be on the launch of two new cameras.

Welcome the RED Scarlet-X and the Canon EOS C300. Both of these cameras will be competing for the cinema industry’s attention. The RED community has been anticipating the Scarlet for some time and with its competitive price will no doubt fly off the shelves.

With the global film industry using HD DSLR cameras on major productions Canon has been keen to come-up with a camera that improves on their line of EOS DSLR’s and will appeal to the motion picture and TV industry.

For HD DSLR shooters the Canon EOS C300 is a big step-up from the other line of EOS cameras with its impressive features, new line of lenses and big price tag. Now for the question that most of you are probably asking, is it worth the money? Well this wacky, humorous and informative video might help you make up your mind.

For a full article on the Canon EOS C300 written by Jonathan Yi the filmmaker who shot the video go here.