Gear heads

If you’re a camera gear freak then you will know all about Cine Gear Expo 2010 in Los Angles. This is where a lot of behind the camera Hollywood professionals hang out. For anyone living in LA or who were able to jet in, this was the chance to meet some of the working professionals who shoot for the big screen, network and get hands on experience with some of the coolest gear around for HD DSLR’s. But don’t rush to get there now…the wrap party was on the 6th. June.

Worry not if you missed it because Cinema 5D was there and they did a great job of covering the event and showing what the movie industry is doing with HD DSLR’s and all the support gear.

For those about to join the HD DSLR revolution and are wondering what is coming next in the way of cameras, I have singled out this interview with Tim Smith from Canon cameras who talks about a new codec they are developing for up-and-coming cameras and how HD DSLR’s are now on the camera equipment list of most major movies.

Tim Smith from Canon USA speaks to Cinema 5D