‘Blue Velvet’ handbag

The convergence of art and commerce continues with David Lynch’s new film for Christian Dior, Lady Blue. Shot in Shanghai and starring French actress Marion Cotillard, it is typical Lynch combining high style with film noir lighting and effects, as well as a haunting soundtrack. This short film is part of the “Lady Dior” series and features (read product placement) Dior’s iconic handbag.

It is the third film in the series of mini-features and advances the storyline of the first short online thriller Lady Noire, directed by Oliver Dahan (La Vie en Rose). Part two went online in January: Lady Rouge, directed by music video and film director Jonas Akerlund.

This is not the first fashion film for Lynch. Lynch was dabbling in this way back in 1988 when he directed an advert for a Calvin Klein fragrance in which he created a cinematic mood devoid of heavy-handed branding. Since then all manner of film directors from Ridley Scott to Baz Luhrmann have directed ads for the top fashion houses.

Lynch believes in ideas first and that ideas will appear a little different each time you pass them through a different machine, be it a still camera, video or film. Lynch continues to ask the same question through his work, “What is art, what is film?”