Block­ing actors

Block­ing the scene with the actors is the most impor­tant part of prepar­ing to shoot a scene. The direc­tor decides what are the best cam­era moves to tell the sto­ry and con­vey to the audi­ence what the actors are think­ing and how they progress the sto­ry through the action. The mean­ing can change with dif­fer­ent block­ing both for the actors and through the cam­era move­ments and angles cho­sen by the direc­tor and DP. The video below shows dif­fer­ent set-ups from the same script and how each set-up changes the feel­ing of the script. No one ver­sion is bet­ter, it comes down to the direc­tors pref­er­ence and the way in which he or she choos­es to tell the sto­ry.